Businessman and CEO Gunawan Jusuf

Gunawan Jusuf

Over the course of his time as the chief executive officer of the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf has demonstrated his mettle at managing the operations of a very unusual enterprise. You see, the Sugar Group is not actually a single company. It’s actually a diverse collective of Indonesia-based independent companies that grow and refine sugar and manufacture a surprisingly large number of very popular products. Despite facing what are certainly pretty substantial obstacles, Gunawan Jusuf has led the way on a cycle of phenomenal growth for many products, including Gulaku, a commercial refined sugar product that is among the best-known brand names in Indonesia.

Gunawan Jusuf not only guides the operations of many plantations and refineries all over Indonesia, but he also helps operated the Sugar Group Companies from a dozen offices located all over the country. Obviously, Gunawan Jusuf has demonstrated a tremendous level of skill in getting many different elements to work together for the benefit if the entire organization. The ability to manage is clearly the greatest business achievement of Gunawan Jusuf.